Pounce International

ambient electronic mayhem

About the music

Pounce International is an electronic music project that combines beautiful, dimensional ambient tracks with powerful rhythm to create atmospheric tracks with strong movement and feeling. The material is emotional, visceral, and tends to involve the listener as it drives visual introspection and physical interaction. Droning tones swirl in space punctuated by beeps and articulated noises. Melodic lead lines cut through and are anchored by strong percussive elements. The material is an interaction of man and machine, of real and surreal. The songs are dichotomous: dark and pretty, delicate and masculine, mechanical and organic. It is music in the information age.

About the band

Pounce International was formed in 1991 by Rev. Paul W. Campbell Jr. and has existed primarily as a studio based project to make challenging emotional electronic music. In 1995, Pounce International was signed to Furnace Records, a division of Silent Records, and released its first full length CD "The Populace Oracle" in 1996. The group included Sou Broskowitz on vocals and Chris Seifert on guitars. Robb Jarrett later joined to add live drums. Pounce International is a member of ASCAP


Hellscape - Furnace Records
Blood and Computers II - Paradise Movement
Exposed II: Spreading the Disease - Sin Klub Entertainment
The Art of Brutality - Arts Industria
There is no time - Ras Dva Records
Electrocution - Arts Industria

Pounce International released its debut full-length cd in February of 1996 on Furnace Records:

The Populace Oracle - Furnace Records


"Amazing. The programming...untouchable, the samples...intelligent, the vocals... riveting and exciting and so melodic, hypnotic, and powerful they'll take you to a different world altogether."  - N-Zyme

"This is what every electronic geek should own. Stop raving about Aphex Twin, Pounce International is the new kid on the block. Paul Campbell is an electronic genius and we should all bow down to him."  - Buzzkill

"...well oiled mix of ambient, spacey soundscapes, soundtrack melodies, and hard rhythms...really impressive work"  - Godsend

"...a brilliant example of industrial soundtrack material. The music presented here is emotionally charged and intricate. Heavy drums punctuate soundscapes that that propel themselves forward with gritty synths, clever composition, and those all important media samples at just the right moments."  - Cybernoise

"Yes, this time I did save the best for last. Pounce International is a finely tuned bit of dance beats, crisp electronics and occasional female vocals all melded into coolly realized compositions."  - ARC #4

"...beautiful melodies mixed with some disturbing samples, and the result is haunting...an impressive debut for Pounce International"  - Infectious Substance

"...pretty and executed to perfection"  - Aiding and Abetting